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We’ve all seen dashcam footage on the internet, but if you’re not looking to go viral, is it still worth getting a dashcam installed in your vehicle? If you’ve been tossing up whether to get one or not here are a few reasons why it might be a good idea.

1. Helping with Insurance Claims

Research shows it only takes 20 minutes for someone’s perception of a traffic incident to shift away from what really happened. Being able to provide recorded evidence from a crash makes the whole claim process a whole lot easier. Almost all Australian insurance companies will now accept DashCam footage as supporting evidence on claims.

Unfortunately, Australian Insurance companies are not yet offering discounts for drivers with DashCams. However, some companies overseas have introduced reduced premiums, so hopefully, we this is something that will be adopted soon.

2. Protect Yourself from False Accusations

Unfortunately, there are people out there who looking to take advantage of some situations and traffic incidents are no exception. If you have recorded footage, it is extremely difficult to argue against the video proof.

There are also Dual Camera models of dash cams that can record the driver as well as the road ahead. In some instances, this type of footage has been used as evidence against false accusations regarding traffic infringements or other incidents. These Dual Camera models can also be useful for monitoring driving behaviour in situations such as fleet vehicle drivers, rideshare vehicles and even for training teen drivers. 

3. Change Driving Behaviour

If you knew you were being recorded, would you behave a little differently? As more people get dashcams installed in their vehicles, drivers are becoming increasingly aware that their behaviour on the road may be recorded. Because of this, your driving habits or others driving around you could change for the better. Although there isn’t much data to back this up just yet, it is a nice idea to believe you are doing something to help make the roads a safer place.

4. Theft Protection 

Some higher quality DashCams come with a feature that will monitor your vehicle while you aren’t there. These cameras will turn on and start recording if it detects motion in or around your car. This has the potential to identify car thieves, hit and run drivers or other incidents. 

5. Identify Specific Details

Some DashCam models can also record your position via GPS providing you with an exact location of an incident. Others can also monitor your speed and record details while driving. Both of these metrics can be incredibly useful in determining highly specific details of an incident or event. 

Is using a DashCam legal in Australia?

Yes, provided it is securely mounted and not manually operated while driving. As far as the filming goes, because you are filming/recording in a public place (roads), there should be no cause for concern. However, it is important to be cautious when it comes to using the video footage. There is usually no problem submitting the footage to other parties for legal or claim related reasons, however, there may be ramifications if the footage is posted online without the appropriate consent. 

How to Choose a DashCam?

There are a huge range of DashCams on the market, with prices ranging anywhere from $30 to $500. Understandably, the more you spend, the more features you will get, but there is usually an option to suit all budgets, vehicles and requirements. It is just a matter of doing some research to find the best option for you. 

Why Get your DashCam Professionally Installed?

Regardless of what type of DashCam you get, it is important to get it installed properly to ensure everything is working how it should be. Getting your DashCam installed by an Auto Electrician will also ensure your device installation is road legal. A qualified installer can even take the time to hide cables and plugs behind the existing interior fixtures making it look much neater.

If you would like to know more about getting a DashCam installed in your vehicle, feel free to give our friendly team a call on 0754 796 652 or contact us online.