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Is your Car AC Summer Ready? Most of us barely use our Car’s Air Conditioning during the winter months. Yet come Summer it’s rare that we will ever have it off.

With the weather starting to warm up, now is the perfect time to run a check to ensure your AC will be working when you need it most!

How does your car stack up against our Car AC Summer Ready Check? 

sunshine coast summer car air conditioning check


If your car’s air conditioning isn’t Summer ready, fill out the form below to book in your vehicle for an Air Conditioning Service.

Why Service my Car Air Conditioning System?

Your car air conditioning system contains many parts and just like any modern technology it needs regular care and attention to keep it running well. In your car air conditioning system the compressor may seize if it runs out of oil, the cabin filter becomes clogged with dust, bacteria and moisture, which may cause the entire system to stop working. The car air conditioning system has many rubber o-rings that often perish over time and cause gas to leak.

Check out our video explaining how we carry out an AC Service

Has it been over 2 years since your last AC Service?