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Do you travel off the beaten track, and want to ensure you’ve got mobile phone reception wherever you go. We’ve got the product that will take your one bar of reception and boost it to four.

Hey guys, Briohny here from Accelerate, we’re just gonna run you through the installation job that we do on four-wheel drives that are going off the beaten track, and the owners want to get better mobile phone reception.

So the products that we install is the Cel-Fi GO. Now, this little device here is specific to your carrier. So Telstra, Optus, whoever you’re with you need a box that is specific to your carrier. And then the other two main products that we use are the antennas.

So these are the RFI antennas. Now this one here is what they call the outdoor mount antenna. And so you place this where you get good reception on your phone. So if you’ve got one bar of reception on your phone, that’s kind of where you want to get your antenna. Now these antennas we mount on to your vehicle. So we do with them, in this instance, it’s going sort of connected up to the roof rack somewhere. We also do them bullbar mounts and that sort of thing. It just depends on what you want, and what your vehicles got on it.

And so you basically got to get yeah, as I said, get the antenna where you get your one bar of reception. And then the third little thing that we have here, this is also an RFI antenna, but this is what they classify as your indoor antenna. And you put that where you want the better reception or if I’m using my mobile phone, this would basically be where my mobile phone is. So the idea of this device is that if you are out in the middle of nowhere and you’ve got just like one bar of reception the antenna will pick that up, this device will work its magic and boost that signal up to four bars. So you’ll have 4g or 3g or be able to, browse and make phone calls wherever you are, where you couldn’t before. 

Now these guys have done some really cool installs, it’s actually worth probably checking out their page. There’s a case study that they’ve done at the Ningaloo Reef at a caravan park there where they had one bar of reception in a cabin somewhere up on the hill and they’ve installed devices like this all around.

So the whole caravan park for carriers now has 4g on there so all their customers can come in. So if you are heading off the beaten track, this is an absolutely fantastic option to get service wherever you need to go. 

As always, thanks for tuning in guys and if you’ve got any questions, comment below.

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