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Are you inspired by the #vanlife movement and want to get set up in a Toyota Hiace to travel Australia?

Check out this off-grid setup that we’ve just completed. Come inside.

So over here, we’ve got some little sockets. So we’ve got a dual USB and also a cigarette socket, in  here, and they run all these beautiful lights at the moment, but you can plug anything in there that you want to run or power. 

So if you come inside over here, we’ve also got some more little socket boxes here. So we’ve got a voltmeter, that’s monitoring the battery, another dual USB, and also a cigarette socket. Now it’s also got an inverter rigged up under here. 

And that is all plugged in to this 240 power board here. So anything, it’s a 600 watt inverter, so anything that the inverter will power, you can run off here, charge batteries, laptops, kettles, toasters, and that sort of thing, whatever gonna run in that 600 watt inverter.

And then the brains of it all is under this little bench, here. So down here, we have got, so the customer had supplied some of this. So there’s an Enerdrive DC to DC charger. There’s the 600 watt Enerdrive inverter. And we also have an Invicta, 125Ah lithium battery. 

So just here, behind the sliding door, we’ve got this little outlet here and we’ve got the red Anderson plug.  And so that’s where the customer is going to plug in their portable, folding solar panel. It’s going to feed them into the DC to DC charger, and that’s going to then charge the battery. And then, when they want to power any of their 12 volt things, it’s just gonna go straight to those plugs there. If they wanna charge their 240 stuff or power their 240 appliances, it then turns the inverter on. So there’s actually a little cut off switch here for it all.

So the 12 volt systems also wired up to run this little 12 volt fridge here by Bushman. We’ve also running, on the 12 volt side of things, a pump for their tap over here. So behind, if you fold the driver’s seat forward, there is a little pump down there. So now when we lift up the tap or the mixer on their sink, that will put running water through there for you.

So that’s pretty much it. If you have any questions about getting your #vanlife set up ready to travel Australia and be totally off-grid and self-sufficient drop us a comment below, or call us 1300 227 353.

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