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Do you want a nice, easy, cost-effective dual battery system for your ute or wagon?

Here is one I wanna show you.

So, we do a lot of these, this is probably our most common dual battery ’cause it’s nice and simple.

What it is, it’s our Thunder Dual Battery Box, we’ve got it fitted here in the back of the Ute, we haven’t mounted it yet, we’ll wait to work on the mounting and then we’ve run a cable all the way to the start battery, so that charges it.

Some of the features of these battery boxes and why we like them, number one, it’s got a solid mounting system. So, this plate here you actually mount to the vehicle and then the box is separate and you can easily remove the box. So, what we’ve done with this box we’ve got an extra output here for its fridge ’cause his fridge is actually running on an Anderson plug and then on the back, we’ve got a solar input I’ll get to that in a minute.

Some of the other things we love about these battery boxes is Dual USB, obviously two cigarettes, it’s got a voltmeter circuit breaker, and this one’s we’ve done something special, it’s quite common but cool.

So, we’ve fitted a Redarc BCDC1225 inside. So, we use the Redarc in these, they’re great, they’re waterproof.  They mount in there perfectly, as you can see they sit super nice and yeah, perfect for this battery. What that DC-DC charger is for a couple of reasons. First, it will charge the battery to 100% and because we can mount it so close to the battery, we know we’re gonna get it’s full output to that battery, no voltage drop, battery is gonna be perfectly charged.

The other thing it does is obviously an isolator. So, it protects the start battery from whatever goes on with this battery, so the customer can run his fridge, plug into it whatever he wants to do with no fear of it not starting. So, that’s cool.

Another thing awesome about these battery boxes is they actually come with their own internal strap. So, I don’t if you can see it here ’cause everything’s black and we’re in the shed in a storm, but, the strap here retains the battery and as part of the battery box. So, when, if he pulls up to a campsite back to the solar he can actually unplug it from the Anderson plug at the back, remove this box take it  wherever he wants, plug a solar panel into it, it charges and obviously plug his fridge into it or anything he likes, so, it’s not retained to the vehicle, so, it’s quite an advantage with it.

What else can I tell you about it?

Fix up to a 125 AGM and yeah, that’s pretty much it, we love these things, they’re extremely heavy duty, ready to go, they’ll fit a few DC-DC chargers. Normally the Redarc is one we use and yeah so, we sell heaps of them, get one. 🙂

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