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Hi guys, Andrew here from Accelerate and today we’re here to talk about Invicta Batteries, and why we use and recommend them.

IEC Certification

So I’ll cover off a couple of different things about them, the first one we’ll talk about is, as far as I’m aware,

they are the only battery that’s got full IEC certification as a complete battery, not just the cells. So these batteries have undergone a full certification process and they are an original OEM spec battery, so that means these are the safest batteries on the market at the moment as certified.

7 Year Warranty

Another amazing point about them is that they are the only battery at this point that’s got a seven year warranty, buy one of these, that’s it, you’re done, there’s your battery for a minimum seven years, hopefully expecting 10 to 15, so yeah, these are a bit of a no-brainer. 

Save Weight

So some of the other points about them, this here’s a 100Ah, so it weighs about 12.5 kilos, so comparable to an AGM, an AGM in similar would be solid 30-35 kilos, so obviously we got a massive weight saving, nice and easy to carry, will go anywhere.


So these batteries can be used in many different locations, they are great for inside portable battery boxes

to keep the weight down, make it an actual portable battery box, we also use them in caravans for underneath seats and so on and big battery bank and that’s what this van behind us has got in it, 400 amps, 2x 200’s,

we also use their slim version behind the back seats of lots of dual cabs, and also some wagons we can slip them down. So we’ve found these to be extremely versatile with many different applications. 

*Note: Invicta Lithium Batteries are not suitable for under bonnet applications.*

AGM vs Lithium 

Another thing we always get asked is a lot of people have obviously got AGM batteries and they’re looking to convert to lithium. Some of the advantages are obviously the weight, we went through that, 12.5 kilos versus about 30 kilos, and obviously their depth of discharge and recharge rate. The battery will last a lot longer, it can continually be cycled up to eight times more than an AGM battery, it will also take a lot more charge.

So an AGM battery will charged quite slowly where one of these, you can just pump the current in, and they will recharge very quickly, so it’ll cut down your recharge time by a lot. Where that’s good is if you’ve got a lot of solar or something like that your battery bank will recover an awful lot quicker. 

What’s Inside

All right so here we’ve got a demonstration battery and what we’ll do, we’ll pull it apart and show you what’s going on, obviously, that’s just the case with the positive and negative, inside here and it’s retained quite well, by nature, we’ve got our lithium battery, this is just a demo, so the cells are empty but everything else is exactly the same as what it would look inside here. So obviously we’ve got our lithium-ion cells, you’ll notice they’re all individually strapped together with the gaps in them, the reason why it was so hard to pull out

is those gaps fit perfectly inside this retaining system. So the batteries got an extremely robust construction built into it by nature as each cell is individually retained inside that case. The next thing we got going on, is our custom BMS, so that stands for Battery Management System.

So this circuit board here basically keeps the cells all balanced individually, so each cell stays balanced with each other and you have no issues of the battery losing its balance which is actually what kills lithium batteries. It also is your overload and low discharge protection, so if the battery goes basically too discharged or overloaded, you try and pull too much current down, it’ll shut down until it’s safe to restart then it’ll restart itself under the correct conditions.

Monitor Via the App

The third thing is BMS, Battery Management System is, it’s a full Bluetooth capable monitoring system.

I’m just gonna give you guys a quick run through of the app here, basically, it’s got a few screens but these are the main two you’ll use, it’s showing us that our battery’s 202Ah, so it’s basically a 200Ah battery, the voltage in it sitting at 13.3 which is right, and it’s currently discharging and obviously it’s fully charged we’ve just switched some stuff on in the van. So at the moment, we’re using, what are we using? We’re moving all over the place ’cause it’s air-con running, but we’re using 13 Amps, and the battery is sitting at 13V and obviously, the battery is nice and happy at 28 degrees. We’ve also just got this status screen that just shows us if there are any problems, obviously Invicta Battery, no problems, everything’s green. So yeah, fantastic battery, full monitoring, full protection, seven-year warranty, we absolutely love them, and yeah, it’s what we choose to use in my car and our caravan. 

So if you wanna learn more about Invicta Lithium Batteries, jump on their website, invictalithium.com.au or feel free to comment below.

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