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Hi, guys Andrew here from Accelerate. Today, I’m gonna run you through some of the features of our JHUB that we’ve got going on up here. 

Now, it’s mounted to the wall, but it comes off quite easily. I’ll try and do this. So basically, here’s the pad. So this is the central hub for our whole caravan. So what we’ve got is, it’s main job I feel, is monitoring the battery.

So at the moment, it shows we’re charging the battery at 22 Amps. We’ve just turned the air con off to keep it quiet. The solar’s cranking away,  we’ve got a few trees so we’re only making 20 Amps, but at the moment we can see a charging status, battery’s charging back up.

The other thing that we’ve got is a battery isolation switch, so if we’re putting it in storage, you’d hit that button, everything will shut down, I won’t do that. Our in and out slider, so there’s, we’ve got a side slider on this van for the lounge suite, so it slides in and out.And then one, two, three, and four, one, two, three, that is different light circuits, so from this point, we can turn the lights on and off. And hot water and water pump, so that’s the main screen, sorry, and also the water tank. So it shows us everything that’s going out and state of our water. 

A new feature that’s come out recently is this smart connect, it’s really cool. So basically, we’ve got gas cylinder sensors, tyre pressure sensors, and also fridge sensors.

And what that will do is it’ll tell us the tyre pressure of all four tyres. It will tell us our gas cylinders, how much gas is left in them and it’s surprisingly accurate. And also down here, it will also give us our fridge and freezer temperatures. So it’s really handy.

Anybody who’s had a three-way fridge knows that, you know, you’ve gotta play around with it a bit to get your settings right, so that’s fantastic. So this is our tyre pressure sensors, they just screw onto our tyre valves, like a, basically a dust cap.

This is our fridge sensor, you just chuck one in your fridge, one in your freezer. And then this here gas cylinder sensors. So these are really handy. They actually magnetise and stick to the bottom of your gas cylinder. So you just slip them under there, and this will pair with you 103 and give you all your things. If you’re wondering, I have not had one of these fall off yet, and I have taken over some very rough roads, so they stick on quite well.

The other thing that it’ll do is it’s also all the same on your phone. So the Control Node that we’ve fitted down there, 103, is a smart connect. Will link up with your phone, and everything will work on the app.So if your distance isn’t too far between your car and your van, you can actually see what’s going on while you’re driving in your van.

So with this pad, what we can do is we can monitor everything going in and out, we can control lights, we can see how much water we’ve got left, we can check our fridge, tyres, gas bottles, and everything really comes back to the centralised pad or an app on your phone, via the Control Node 103.

So we’ve found this really, really useful upgrade. And yeah, it really has been a bit of a changer for us, and it is pretty cool when you can turn stuff on and off while you’re sitting in front of the campfire. So, if you wanna check out any more of our caravan and camping videos, watch this one here, and YouTube thinks you should watch this one here.

If you’ve got any more questions about the JHUB, give us a call on 1300 227 353, or comment below.

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