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Hi guys, Andrew here from Accelerate Auto Electrics. And this video is going to be a walk around of my car, we are currently in the process of building and where it’s at at the moment. 

So, we’ll start at the front. 

Animal Off-Road Bull Bar

So, obviously we’ve got our, the big standout here is an Animal Off-Road bull bar. I really like these, they obviously they look good. They’re very solid and they integrate the light bars in them. So in here we’ve got two of the Night Armour. These are brand new to market, smoked lights, light bars. So they give a spot and then you’ll notice they’ve got the spread on the side. So from just using the two light bars I get a really good coverage with a really bright light. They’re really good.

WARN 12000lb Winch & Bash Plate

Then further down in the bullbar, obviously the number plate we’ve got a Warn 12,000 pound Magnum. So obviously it’s a Warn it’s pretty much the best out there with the synthetic rope. It pulls really well, and I think a Warn’s a Warn. We all know how good they are. We’ve actually Raptor coated, the bash plate. They come in a, like a grey colour that I wasn’t really into and it’s a bit shiny so I’ve Raptor coated that to try and obviously keep the chips down and it looks a lot better with it. 

Crystal Vision Headlights 

I’ve still got to find some lights to fit in here. I’m not quite sure what we’re going to do yet. You can fit like a small light bar in there but I’m trying to come up with something a bit different in there. The headlights I’ve chosen to keep original we’ve just installed crystal vision bulbs. I’ve sort of got enough lights going on with the transport. So I figured trying to keep that them standard would be a good compromise and the crystal vision bulbs give us a nice bright light while still being ADR compliant. So they are very good.

GME Antenna

We’ve also got the GME Radome aerial, the short stumpy one good compromise for hilly and flat terrain. And I actually get a really good range out of it whenever I’ve used it. And I’m sort of even bush land like this it seems to have a really good throw.  

So what we’ll do, we’ll move around the side and I’ll show you some of the stuff going on around the side. 

Safari ARMAX Snorkel

Okay, so I’ll just work my way back obviously, Safari ARMAX snorkel, best on the market. It’s great for, we’ve got a big exhaust and a big tune in this I’ll touch on that. So snorkel goes great, clean air. I run a sock when we go dusty roads  and that’s obviously it’s a Safari. It does its thing. 

Livid Laser Spotlights

Livid Lasers up on the roof, you can’t really miss them. Okay, so they, once again, fairly new to the market they are amazing for such a small light the light they throw is fantastic. I’ve had them out at night and I’ve put them up against some of the best, big lights on the market. And I think they are the best around, the light that I get off of them is phenomenal because they’re are laser beams I don’t actually get much reflection off the bonnet which obviously is the first question everybody asks because they shoot out so well then I really don’t  get the reflection and my light bars at the front give me the spread so I’ve got distance spread the thing, lights everything out really well. 

Mickey Thompson Tyres

We’ve colour coded the, the guards, the flares just the factory flares, just colour coded. And then obviously Mickey Thompson’s with the dirty life wheels, Mickey Thompson MTZ, ATZ sorry. They’re awesome, never had a flat, get plenty of k’s

ClearView Mirrors & Side Steps

Clear View Mirrors, we’re obviously caravan is it’s a tourist, so we got the slide out mirrors. So use them for everything. Obviously everybody’s got them. There’s a new range that’s come out now. And we probably will upgrade to them once I think they’re a bit the stock’s a bit short on the moment but we’ll probably put the new Clear Views on moving forward. 

The other Clear View product is these. So these are the Clear View sidestep drop-downs once we like, obviously the vehicles got four inches of lift, I’ve got three kids under seven and these were the best thing ever because now the kids can get in the car without me. So anybody who’s got kids know that lifting your kids in and out every time you want to do something it gets a bit tiresome. 

Roof Rack & Lights

Front runner, roof rack so we’ve actually flipped it. They normally can’t they sit up a bit higher but I wanted to bring it down a bit. So that’s actually on upside down but it worked really well and it brings down and then these light bars slip in the side, there, again more of a floodlight. So, and they’re controlled a couple of different ways I’ll go through that, but mainly through the RedVision and they will illuminate really well, great for campsites, camping, at night lighting up.  And yeah, also good if you’re going through a field and you’re looking for eyes, they’re really good for that.

Norweld Deluxe Tray

Moving on down, the big one Norweld Deluxe Tray. This is the one with the built-in water tank. So it’s got a water tank underneath and it’s also got the toolboxes and a drawer out the back. One of the things we’re talking about what currently got a Norweld canopy being built the Compact Deluxe canopy. And so when we start showing you some of the electrics a lot of that is going to tie into the canopy which I’ll hopefully have within the month. So around the back here, Norweld deluxe tray with Norweld sides. We’ve got the big draw going on.

And then also the Hayman Reese XBar. The XBar gives you a lot better departure angle and it looks pretty cool. And obviously you’re really good towing points. Couple of weeks we’ll lose the sides when the Deluxe canopy, Compact canopy goes on it next up we’ll show you inside.

All right, so here we are inside the car, we’ll try and do that is cause we got stuff going on everywhere.

Let’s start in the middle and work that way. 

Cruiser Consoles Centre Console

So first up Cruiser Consoles Console, it is the best mod I’ve done to this car. After side-steps, having this high centre console you actually have a comfortable driving position. I cannot recommend a centre console enough. So Cruiser Consoles Console. 

Alpine Head Unit

We’ve also got in here, obviously the big Alpine head unit. This is the top of the range. One at the moment it’s full Apple CarPlay, it’s Bluetooth. It’s also Hema mapping and pretty much anything else you can think of. So we plug in with the car play through here and my quad lock obviously holds my phone securely. 


I’ve moved a couple of switches from that side over to this side to free that up. So that’s why the DPF switches on this side  DPF burn switch, it’s normally comes on the driver’s side but we’ve shifted that over to free up some room on that side and we’ll get to that in a minute. 

Safety Dave Rear Vision Camera

I think the next thing is the, my rear view camera here. So screen, this is a Safety Dave, seven-inch clip on screen. So it is either, I’ve got one on the headboard of my vehicle and then it also connects the second   channel connects to the back of my caravan. So I literally can just toggle between the two cameras and I can see if my caravan was hooked up. Now, we’d see on the back of the caravan. So that one’s makes towing a lot safer between that and the Clear Views. I can pretty much see what’s going on everywhere.

Department of Interior Roof Console & REDARC RedVision Screen

Now, the elephant in the room up here is the Department of Interior roof console, and then into it we’ve fitted the REDARC RedVision Screen. So this controls everything behind the seat that we’ll show you, and also automates everything on the external of the vehicle. So the light bars that you could see up the top there are operated through here. My compressor, my fridge feed down the back rock lights underneath, it shows the ins and outs of my auxiliary battery behind the seat. And that really is a central hub for all the different sort of extras we’ve fitted to the vehicle. The advantage of this is it gives you multiple channels for your, so multiple channels for inputs and switching, anybody who’s got a 79 series no, there’s no room for switches. Obviously some people come there is some manufacturers that come up with secondary switch panels. And they fill up with switches. But if you do it this way, you don’t have to keep buying switches you can reprogram it whenever you want and you’ve got as many switches as you want. So that’s cool, map lights. 

So up here, I’ve got some storage and only have a first aid  kit when we’re travelling or also got a couple of UHFs. So it’s really good for when I’m reversing the caravan give Briohny one of these, and she can yell at me and tell me, I’m going to hit a tree. I’ve got my own she’s got her own really useful little trick for when you’ve got a big van.


So over here, we’ve got our, we got EGT and boost. So that’s pretty much everything going on with the engine. I’ve got a, quite an aggressive tune in this. So we, we do need to monitor the boost and so on.

And then this is my REDARC gauge. So it’s a dual Volt and Amp meter gauge. I’ve actually got the Amp meter certainly a bit different hooked up to my alternator. So my output of my alternator. So the Amps is showing what my alternator is actually producing, battery one is just my start battery. Battery two is my auxiliary lithium battery. So it pretty much sits with the constant 13 volts, of course, and then a couple other switches down here. 

This one’s a bit tricky, this is my garage remote so I pull up to my house press that garage door automatically opens I’ve just fitted a remote in there. And then I’ve just got, you know, spotlights, spotlights roof lights and rock lights and so on, on there. So that’s pretty much everything going on up the front here. This is obviously connected to all my Auxiliary Dual Battery System behind the backseat. So we’ll go down there and show you that.

Auxiliary Lithium Invicta Battery System

All right, so here we are down the back and this is where it’s all going on, this has a bit of overkill at the moment but once the canopy goes on all this is going to integrate with the canopy. So we’ll sort of move our way across. So this is my Invicta 100 Amp Lithium Battery. So it’s here for the fridge that I run at the moment in my tray. So this, it also powers all my camping lights I’ve got on the roof of the car so I can run them, with no fear of flattening, my start battery. And also when the canopy’s jacked off I can run a fridge and everything in the back just cause we’ll move left to right. So it’s all midi fused. These fuse holders have just come out on the market. Super cool everything fits in there really neatly. These are my solid state relays. So these are 100 Amp solid state relay. I use these because we can really push current through them. These are here for all the towing setup in the back. So I, my Anderson Plug and so on runs through this, this also controls my fridge in my caravan. Fusebox just covers the lights and so on, and then pretty much here is where the magic happens.


So this is the Redarc BMS battery management system it controls all the charging of my battery. So it allows me to charge via 240V, solar and also obviously the alternator of the car. It is what connects to that RedVision Screen and shows us the power flow. This here is my total vehicle management system by REDARC or  TVMS. So it’s what controls all the switching for everything off that RedVision Screen you saw. So whenever we hit a button on the RedVision Screen it actually triggers a relay in here, and fires up whatever item we’re looking for. This at the moment it’s being under-utilised but once we get the canopy, then we’ll have a lot of automation going on with the canopy via this, so this is going to stay here. This is actually going to move to the canopy and we’ll put a BCDC to take care of the charging. And that will give me charging of this battery in here. This controls everything in the car and the canopy. And also, and then this will charge the 200 Amp  Lithium. We’re going to put in the canopy. Over there we’ve got the REDARC 100W inverter. I use that mainly for charging power tools and so on but it’s also good for kettles and things like that, so just with this setup I can completely go off grid camping, I’ve got fridges, I’ve got 240 volt I’ve got everything I need. I can use this to switch everything in the vehicle. And I also, and I don’t have to have a heap of switches and try and shove switches where they don’t belong. 

Under the Vehicle

I guess the next thing that’s going on with this car is my call conversion on my suspension. So we’ll climb underneath and we’ll, we’ll check that out. All right, so here we are underneath a fair bit going on under here. So we’ve got the full JMAX coil conversion with the Kings Remote Res shocks. What else have I got? Oh, we’ve got the Torqit exhaust going on up here. I love the suspension in this thing. It is when you get the settings, right, It rides like a cloud. It’s also got the track correction. So as part of the JMAX conversion, the track  correction is automatically done with the diff housing that comes with it, So all my wheels are in line. It goes great on the beach, super smooth and yeah, it’s really good. We’ve also got a few rock lights underneath here as well  and that’s pretty much it. 

So there you go. There’s a quick walk around on my car. If you want to see a more in-depth video on the behind seat kit, I got going on, then check this video out here, or YouTube wants you to watch this one. If you’ve got any questions about it, give us a call on 1300 227 353 or feel free to comment below.

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