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– Hey guys, Briohny and Andrew here from Accelerate. So we’re standing in front of a brand new Ford Raptor, that we’ve just done a big fit out of, all Redarc stuff that you can see there. So Andrew, what did the customer come to us wanting?

– It’s just set up for touring. 

– So give us a bit of a rundown. What’s on the car at the moment, as far as accessories go.

– Yeah. So obviously we’ve got the awning. We’ve got a shower on the other side. So that’s powered up through lights. We’ve got one of the new Bush Company tents. That’s got 300 Watts of Redarc solar on the roof. And then obviously the tents got all the internal lighting. We’ve got the RSI canopy. The hard-core lights all around in all the wings and they’re obviously dual colour. So we can orange ’em, dim ’em. On,off. We’ve got floodlights all the way round. Inductive cooktop, potential for two fridges. Drifta Kitchen and draw set inside. We can show you that. And MSA dropdown slide. So in the back here, just honestly standard stuff. We’ve got our fridgeless MSA fridge slide. Got some Anderson plugs up there for the travel buddy. That’s actually going to hang in the here once it arrives. We’re still waiting on that. We’ve got our GPO’s here, for Check this out. It’s pretty cool. A Drifta Kitchen. So this this folds all the way down. Inductive cooktop sits here and yep, pretty cool.

– We’ve designed the board to come out of the side window here of the canopy. How is that mounted inside?

– We’ve secured the board vertically, kind of thing. It doesn’t really take up much space. This fridge slides on the other side and we’ve made it, so that you can access it all through the hole.

– So let’s run through what parts you’ve got in here.

– Okay. So it’s pretty much got the Redarc Pack. So we’ve got a 2000 watt inverter. That’s obviously to run all his drone batteries, charge everything, but mainly the inductive cooktop is probably the main thing. We’ve got the Redarc, BMS Manager 30 here. So that’s going to handle all the charging, the solar, the alternator. And obviously also it’s got 240 input, if we’re at a caravan park. And then we’ve got the brains of it all, the Redarc TVMS. That’s connected to the screen, the RedVision screen. And that gives us controls, to turn everything on and off and monitor all the batteries and also gives you full app accessibility. So while he’s driving with his phone mounted in the cradle, he can obviously operate everything and monitor all his batteries, via his phone. So with the TVMS system, obviously we’ve got this big screen. The screen gives us two, mainly two functions. Obviously programming and so on, but the main thing is we can control that’s the inverter on and off. We can turn everything on and off from the screen. And we’ve also got our full battery, I guess everything that’s going on, all our stats on our battery. So that’ll tell us, you know, how much time left with everything turned on. 

Like for example, if we just load it up here, we’ve got a heap of lights around that I’ve turned on. So they’re external floodlights. So they’re drawing 10 amps. So now it’s calculating, it’s telling us 21 hours left or 20 hours left, with the 10 amps and that’s makes perfect sense. ‘Cause, we’ve got a 200 amp Invicta battery. I forgot to say that, down in here. So 200 amps, 10 hours, 19 hours. So we’ve got it wired. That’s just a shower light on the other side, that’s our sidelight. That’s some rear floodlights. This one here is our internal, hardcore lights. So they’re a dual colour, dimmable. I won’t turn that one on and off, just ’cause it’s gotta reset. That’s our inverter and the boys would run it to a few other things. To be honest, I don’t actually know at the moment. Oh, we’ve got a compressor fridge, so the fridge will be locked. It’ll be permanently on once it’s in. We’ve got a water pump and, oh yeah, that one’s for the travel buddy. 

So the other thing we’ve got here is our full battery stats. And it’s just telling us at the moment, storing 3.6 amps as I’ve been playing with it. Once we fire it up, it’ll show the BMS charging. That’ll tell us exactly what’s left in the battery. So it’s a really good idea. Everything’s just centralised. Makes it a lot easier to wire and very easy to control and program. 

So here we are, we’ve got the app and basically, it shows exactly the same thing. We’ve programmed it. It’s set up like this. On this main screen that you could easily run sort of on your car in a cradle. It shows you how your battery’s going. And so you can check it out while you’re driving. And then just with a flick, you go over to, this is the control screen. And obviously, with this control screen, that’s the inverter turning on and off. We can control everything from here. So it’s very similar to another system out there, but it gives you more features with the battery monitoring and also gives you this external screen. 

– So this is a pretty pimped out Raptor, with the Redarc, RedVision System. As always, if you have any comments or questions please leave them below. 

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