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Hi guys, Andrew from Accelerate. I just want to give you a run through of this canopy fit out we’ve just done. It’s a Norweld Compact jack-off. Sitting on a Ranger body.

I think we’ll start with a battery source. So we’ve fitted an Enerdrive 200Ah BTEC. That fits away underneath the drawer here, built into the back. It’s part of the Norweld fit-out. We’ve actually got a really good location for it. That’s obviously got the Bluetooth app. And the reason why we went with the 200Ah is that we’re going to run a 2000 Watt inverter and we want to be able to use an induction cooktop and so on. So that’ll be the main current draw. That induction cooktop. But this will be able to handle anything or charge all his drones. Anything he comes up with. 

Then the inverter is over on the other side, and we can show you that afterwards. It’s basically powered up from this side just on a switch. Turn it on, and we’ve now got 240 volts throughout. The monitoring is just the Enerdrive ePro. We’ve got one here. It’ll give us a full percentage readout. Once we fit a solar panel to the top of this, it’ll show us what the solar is putting in, what the car’s putting in. And the state of charge of the battery. 

So yeah tucked in here. We’ve got the Enerdrive DC to DC. And then on the other side, once they come into stock we’ll have the Enerdrive, 240 volt 40 Amp charger as well. The DCDC charger’s there, it’ll do all the alternator charging. So while the engine’s running the batteries charging. And also it will charge via the solar panel. So we’ve got a solar panel up on the roof and it will feed in through that DCDC charger for when he’s parked up.

All of that is running a Bushman, 130L fridge. So they fit perfectly in these canopies. Got the same one myself. And then over here, I don’t know if you can see? We’ve got the Travel Buddy Oven. So this will be his main cooking area. We’ll sit the induction cooktop on here. We fitted a GPO right here, so he can plug his cooktop in. Fridge, oven, everything, ready to go.

I guess we’ll take you over the other side and we’ll show you the inverter. So over this side, we’ve got the Enerdrive 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter. It’s the one with the RCD and the transfer. So we’ve got that wired into multiple GPO’s throughout the canopy to be able to charge wherever he wants. So we can have stuff on this side. He’s got his inductive GPO over that side. And then we’ve got another charging one behind the fridge. We’ve also whacked some Anderson’s around the place just for outputs.

If he wants to run a second fridge here. USBs to charge phones and the dimmer for the Hardkorr lights. So these are on and off. And they’re also a multiple colour. Mainly the orange one is what everybody wants for the insects. So it’s dimmable as well. We’ve put three of them throughout. One on each door, and then one in the centre. 

As I was doing the walk around, I forgot about this. So we have fitted an ARB double pumper in here, with an air tank as well. All these hoses tuck away nicely in here. There are inputs here. And yeah, just plug it into there. He can inflate his tyres, his airbags, and I dunno, pool toys as well. If he wants. That is all switched from here. And just anytime you want, you just plug it and off you go. 

So in here, we’ve fitted the LightForce fascia. We use this one a lot in the Rangers. Gives us some extra switch blanks. So we’ve just used two switches. I’d say we’ll end up putting a TowPro in here. But at the moment it’s just a light bar and some auxiliary lights. Thanks for watching our Norweld Canopy run through. If you want to watch any of our other canopy videos, check this one out here. And YouTube thinks you should watch this one here. If you’ve got any questions or comments, leave them below.

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