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Do you need better lighting inside and outside of your caravan? We’ll show you the options available to upgrade all the lighting in your caravan. Hi, I’m Briohny from Accelerate Auto Electrics and Air Conditioning on the Sunshine Coast. So let’s run through some caravan lighting options.

Upgrade Your Skylight

Firstly, inside, if you want to save on energy through the day, we suggest upgrading your skylight to make better use of natural light. Most caravans and camper trailers come with a skylight as standard, but over time, these can deteriorate from exposure to the weather. Or your skylight might just be too small for your caravan. In either case, a new or larger skylight will reduce your reliance on artificial lighting throughout the day.

Switch to LEDs

Another upgrade is to switch to tungsten or energy-saving bulbs over to LED bulbs. LED light will far outlast your original bulbs, as they use far less energy. You can get LEDs in both warm and cool colour temperatures, and some even have a dimmable option. To change over to LEDs, it’s as simple as changing a globe at home.

Indoor Lighting

When it comes to indoor caravan lighting, there are heaps of options available on the market. From dome lights to square, to reading lights, and slimline surface lights, there’s a shape to suit your caravan’s needs. You can also customise lights to suit whatever or wherever you need to fit them. For hard to reach or shadowed areas such as cupboards or under cabinets, mounted LED strip lighting is a great option. The length can be cut to suit the space, and there are even waterproof options available.

External Lighting

For external caravan lighting, you can get options that are motion-activated, have an anti-bug setting, they’re dimmable, even multicoloured disco lights. We love the flexible LED lights just like this one here. They’re a great option for lighting up your annex, as they can be moved around as needed. They come with a full kit, which include mounting clips or Velcro fasteners, and are powered by a cigarette socket. They’re super bright and dimmable.

Solar or Battery Operated

Solar or battery operated lights are also a great option for lighting up around your caravan. They’re not usually as bright as your 12 volt lights, but they can still be quite handy, and you can place them around your site to light a path to your caravan, or identify the location of poles and ropes at nights.

If you need more light in your caravan for your next trip, give us a call on 1300 227 353, and for more tips and tricks on four-wheel driving or caravaning, follow our YouTube channel.


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