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Caravan Accessories

Accelerate Auto Electrics are the forerunners in caravan accessories, electrical repairs and fit outs.

Whether it is a weekend away or a year touring around Australia, we have the accessories, equipment and know-how to get you safely on your way in comfort.


When it comes to towing a caravan, there are a lot of accessories on the market to make the task simple and safe. Four great accessories we can’t recommend enough are Reverse Camera’s, Electric Brake Controllers, Breakaway Units and Anderson Plugs.

Dual Reverse Cameras

Reverse Cameras save time, stress, money and most importantly lives. The daunting task of reversing a caravan is made easy with a dual reverse cameras. We recommend mounting one on the rear of the car (so you can easily reverse up the caravan) and one to the rear of the caravan. This allows you to navigate into tight camp spots and is also handy when you are overtaking, as you can see when the caravan has cleared the car you are overtaking.

Electric Brake Controllers

All caravans exceeding the 750kg GTM limit legally require having an efficient braking system on at least one axle. As a result, it’s very likely your caravan will be fitted with Electric brakes. Electric brake controllers are legally required on all caravans over 2000kg GTM. However, we recommend using them on every caravan or trailer equipped with electric braking systems. Benefits of Electric brake controllers include less push from behind, easier and quicker stopping and a reduction in the jarring of the linkages. By using an electric brake controller, the likelihood of jack-knifing is reduced. Electric brake controllers ensure the safety of the tow vehicle’s passengers and other drivers as well as prevents early wear and tear and the tow vehicles brakes.

Break Away Units

It is a legal requirement in all states of Australia that caravans over two tonnes (gross trailer mass) are fitted with a caravan break away system. In the event the caravan or trailer detaches from the car, the Break Away Unit system will apply electrical breaks to the runaway trailer or caravan, preventing an accident. The Breakaway system is powered by a rechargeable battery which is charged via an auxiliary power wire from the tow vehicle and connected to the trailer plug.

Anderson Plugs

Too much current charging through a seven pin or 12 pins plug, from accessories such as fridges can cause the pins to melt. This is a result of the pins not being big enough to carry the current of some of the modern alternators. We always recommend having an Anderson plug installed if you wish to charge your caravan battery from your car battery while driving. Anderson Plugs are suitable to use on most Dual Battery System Set-ups. Anderson plugs are designed to handle power rated at 50amps (or more) and are available in various colours and amp ratings.


One of the best things about caravanning is being able to take the comforts of home with you to the wilderness. With the right caravan accessories and proper set-up, ‘off grid’ or ‘free camping’ can be enjoyed for weeks.

It’s important that battery and solar power systems are installed correctly to ensure reliability when you need it most. We can’t stress the importance of having a good dual battery and battery management system in place if you’re planning on remote or long trips.

Dual Battery Systems  

We love Dual Battery systems because they allow caravanners to run multiple and charge accessories without affecting the performance of the vehicle’s starting battery. A Dual Battery System will isolate the second (auxiliary) battery from the starter battery, ensuring the starter battery always has the enough power to start your car. There is a huge range of options when it comes to Dual Battery Systems, and we can even tailor a system to suit your needs.


Battery Management Systems

A good Battery Management System will unify all your power options making it easier for you to monitor and manage your charging needs. We personally use a system in our caravan which has the solar, the 240 volt and our car’s Anderson plug all feeding into it while it charges our batteries. By doing so, we have eliminated the need for a 240-volt charger, a BCDC and a solar regulator. The display unit shows us how much charge our batteries have left, what our solar is inputting, as well as our usage. We find a good Battery Management System allows our customers the security and reassurance of knowing exactly what is happening with their power and manage it to obtain the best output.

Solar Power

There is a vast array of options for solar power, from freestanding portable panels to fixed panel. The benefits of solar include: environmentally friendly, no ongoing cost, no noise, no moving parts and an abundant power source. Using solar can seem like a challenging and expensive task, but we can create a reliable and cost effective system which will fit your needs.


A power inverter will change 12V DC power into conventional 240V AC power. By installing an inverter into your caravan, you can use conventional power sockets to charge and power devices such as a microwave, coffee machine or hair dryer.

Ports and Sockets

We can install additional power sockets and USB ports around your caravan for easy access charging and power options.


The coolest accessories and gadgets are useless if the wiring isn’t done correctly. We can install and repair all wiring to the highest standard so you can relax knowing your equipment will work the right way every time.


Need an extra light above the bed? Or more lighting outside in the canopy. We can install and wire up all your lighting needs inside and out.

Electric Water Pumps

Just because you’re on the road or camping in remote areas, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a high powered shower or running water. We can install electric water pumps to your shower or taps.


We can install any accessories or custom feature you require for your caravan from UHF radios to CPAP conversions to 12V accessories. Your caravan is your home away from home; we can help you create the comfort you need.


Give your 4WD the maximum possible benefits including up 30% increase in power and torque while improving fuel economy by 10% with the Roo Systems ECU Remapping. The advantages of the ECU Remapping are an enhanced, sharper throttle response and a much smoother and more progressive delivery of power.

Being avid caravanners and 4wd enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the needs of touring and camping in remote locations. We work with our customers to ensure they get maximum reliability, security, comfort and enjoyment from their caravanning experience.

Contact us today to find out how we can work with you to customise your dream caravan.


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